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Russia’s willingness to cooperate more with Iranian companies in the oil and gas sector

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Cooperation of Iran and Russia and the delegation at the 22nd International Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition held a meeting with representatives of the MAPNA Group. In this visit, Dr Rajab Safranaf stated: “The association is fully prepared to play a facilitating role […]

The 7th Thermal Power Industry Conference is held

The seventh conference of the thermal power industry will be held jointly by the MAPNA group and Khaje Nasir Al-Din Tusi University of Technology in February 1396. The Conference on Thermal Power Plants was established by the Mapna Group in 2008 and its first phase was held in May 2009. The history of the joint […]

Russia’s oil lucco talks with the Iranian Oil Ministry have come to an end

The Russian ambassador to Iran, Lavan Jagarian, in an interview with the economic reporter of Tsunim, said: “Officials from both Russia and Iran have been discussing expansion of energy cooperation, especially in the oil sector, and these meetings and meetings and negotiations are continuing. He added that recently, Russia’s Lukoil company has been negotiating with […]