Trading company Tajhiz Khotote Tavana

The Tavana Tajhiz Company in the correct implementation and taking advantage of the rapid development of the world’s energy industry and utilizing the technical know-how of the day with the aim of designing and supplying equipment and components of power plants, petrochemicals, oil and gas industries and affiliated industries with experienced managers, dedicated engineers and specialist And the skilled and capable personnel announce their activities as follows.

۱٫ The company has the ability to supply the trained personnel and provide the best quality goods in the world according to national standards and 1 world capable of supplying the parts of the mentioned industries.
۲٫ Considering the importance of the oil and gas industry in the country and region, which only Gulf countries can export two petroleum and petrochemical products, etc., in the next few years, the company will supply the supply lines with all of the following goods. Observes:


۳٫ One of the unique features of the world’s best suppliers is the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of customers and to have up-to-date market information, which is a dynamic and capable company with the ability to prepare any services to industries and subsets.

۴٫ In order to ensure the buyer and the provision of after-sales services, including the provision of spare parts, technical documentation and control, the quality and compliance of all products with national and international standards are reviewed by the quality control and engineering department, and after the final approval Documents are sent to the relevant parts and the buyer.
۵٫ Accompanying with the dramatic changes and the great changes in today’s fast-paced world is one of the advantages that any industrial firm is not ignored with the benefit of experience, the development of new management strategies and economic look (TKT), and the company is concentrating on capable lines. It is no exception to the continuing training of the German and Dubai offices to develop and transfer knowledge, acquaintance and research. And the use of new technologies and continuous presence in related exhibitions on the one hand, and the need to place shoulders and offices alongside employers on the other, has always created a dynamic environment for employers and manufacturers. Accordingly, one of the transfer of the needs and potential of employers to manufacturers as well as the transmission (TKT) is the unique features of the technology of equipping the power lines of the day technology of manufacturers and suppliers to employers.
۶٫ Also, TKT has been a reliable consultant for its customers in order to improve its qualitative and executive capacity by having specialized and trained personnel in the fields of industrial, commercial and procurement of industrial goods and equipment. With the goal of identifying quality-related processes and continuous improvement, the company is in the final stage of establishing a guarantee management system for oil, gas, petrochemical and ISO / TS 29001 and ISO 9001 quality standard In addition to the standard series of straw Company (HSE) power plant as well as procedures and guidelines for safety, health and the environment. Approximately 100 public and private companies are ranked among the largest suppliers (AVLs) in the list of authorized suppliers (TKT) of equipment, equipment and machinery for industrial and construction.